Weekend in Tweets: 1.7.13

Wild card weekend was exactly what the NFL wanted. We got to see four pretty good games and they owned the stage on Saturday and Sunday. The NBA is starting to heat up but the Lakers are stuck in neutral. Bowl season is wrapping up and the NHL is finally back.

Welcome back.

Clutch shot to end the game.

It was a must see movie.

I would pay money to see this.

I see why Texas A&M kept him out of the media for so long.

It’s time for Jamal to get one.

Refs have to get a handle on this.

No wonder this guy isn’t married.

And then there’s this.

How can you not root for Ray?

LeBron is the best in the game today.

Blame Perkins.

It’s a tried and true method.

You have to beat Bama first.

Maybe the money from this fine will help.

He’d still have a job at least.

Let’s hope it isn’t that bad.

I wonder if will there be any oxygen left after all the trash talk.

I can’t blame Kobe at all.

He also didn’t think the fiscal cliff was real.

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