Website Offers Kobe Bryant And LeBron James $5 Million To Faceoff In Slam Dunk Contest

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have both battered enough rims to last a lifetime, but would like to pit them against one another in the slam dunk contest during what may be Bryant's final All-Star weekend.

As passionate basketball fans, the team at was thrilled to hear about Magic Johnson’s million dollar offer to Lebron James. In hopes of making the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest a historic event, has reached out to Kobe Bryant’s agent Rob Pelinka and the NBA to entice Kobe Bryant to participate in the Dunk Contest for the first time since 1997. is offering $5 million to the charity of Kobe Bryant’s choosing for his participation in the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. However, this offer is conditional. It depends on Lebron James entering the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest with Bryant.

Bryant and James are both members of the NBA’s elite and fans often debate who is the better player between the two. wants to ensure that basketball fans get to see the two superstars use their talent and creativity.

“…We at feel it is important for the sport of basketball that Kobe and Lebron face-off in the dunk contest and we want to be part of this historic event. The NBA’s best players used to enter. Jordan versus Dominique had us on the edge of our seats. It would be a shame for these exceptional player to let pride take priority over sportsmanship…” says’s Director of Marketing J.L. Marcoux.

Not sure if Bryant has the lift left anymore to challenge LeBron despite some recent rim-rattling highlight jams. However, this offer is misdirected. If any current NBA superstar could be the 'Nique to James' Jordan, it would have to be Kevin Durant, who has seemingly dodged any criticism for avoiding the slam dunk contest.

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