Watch The Throne: Kanye West’s Empire Expands With Adidas Deal

People can clown Kanye West for his many missteps and outbursts, but one thing can’t be denied. The field of music is not the only place where his impact is making waves and changing the game.

The Yeezy shoes helped Adidas become the most “Liked” brand on Instagram last year. His $350 high top shoes have experienced unprecedented sales with each release, selling out as soon as they hit the retail shelves.

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When Kanye walked away from a Nike partnership that lasted from 2009 to 2013, there were many who insisted that his over-inflated ego and demands of ownership would derail his desire to become a game-changer in the footwear industry. 

He opted for a piece of the royalties pie that Adidas offered, ditching Nike and their offer of a straight salary. Now, the company is upping the ante by giving the “Yeezy” line its own separate business unit, which will be a separate commercial entity from the company’s main line of athletic shoes and apparel.

The new unit will be called Adidas + Kanye West.

The deal includes his own retail stores and extending out of the lifestyle lane exclusively while now flexing into the performance designs and products

In a statement, Adidas said it’s “..the most significant partnership ever created between an athletic brand and a non-athlete.” 

Kanye is a true creator who has the ability to see things others don’t. We are excited and honored to build on this partnership, and eagerly look forward to defining the future together, said adidas Chief Marketing Officer Eric Liedtke in a statement.

It seems that LeBron James is not the only one attempting to elbow into Michael Jordan-type territory. In the shoe game, Kanye is making a power move to the hoop.

And for all those folks who doubted him when he bounced from Nike, demanding a larger piece of the pie, Kanye is smiling at you all the way to the bank. Unlike his in-laws, he ain’t famous for simply being famous. 

He’s good! You really can’t tell him nothing.

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