WATCH: Michael B. Jordan’s Prep For “Black Panther”

Michael B. Jordans unforgettable performance as the character Killmonger in Marvels historic, box office smash movie Black Panther apparently required a lot of time and patience on the rising actor’s part in preparing to take the screen and show his talents each day of the shoot.  

To prepare for the role, Jordan had to be covered with 3,000 prosthetic dots made from a glue-like material. The dots were used as the scars on Killmonger that represented each person hes killed. Joel Harlow has extensive experience with doing makeup for movies and he nailed Killmonger’s enhancements. 

Take a look at some of the prep process in this video by @thisisinsider

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@michaelb4jordan was covered in around 3,000 prosthetic dots for “Black Panther”

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