WATCH: Independent League Player Replaces Umpire With Trash Can

Brennan Metzger, an Independent League baseball player for the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks, was called out looking by home plate umpire Mike Jarboe, and didnt agree with the call. After a heated trash-talking session, Jarboe sent Metzger to the showers. 

While the umpire was off to the side speaking with the RedHawks manager, Metzger retrieved a trash can from the dugout and put it in the umpires place at home plate. Metzgers original and epic way of telling the umpire he was trash, basura. 

F-M RedHawks on Twitter

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays… #SCNotTop10 @SportsCenter

Via Vice Sports, Aside from telling Jarboe to “go to your home” after placing the trash can in his position behind home plate, Metzger told the ump he was “bush league” and had been “fucking awful all night.” He then tried an interesting gambit and countered Jarboe’s ejection with one of his own: “I’m fuckin’ tossing you outta here, you’re DONE!”

Metzger provided fans with a player tirade far classier than Roberto Alomar spitting in an umpires face. 

Roberto Alomar 96

Roberto Alomar in 1996.

And far more gutter than imitating a grenade toss. 

Phillip Wellman blows up The much-needed rain we got in Chattanooga today helped clear the air and cool things down, except for Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman. He took center stage, and a couple of bases. Let’s just say he got worked up. He argued balls and strikes in the first couple of innings, and then he blew his top.

But within the boundaries of the game,  a bit less gangster than Delmon Young hitting an umpire with a bat. 

Delmon Young Throws And Hits An Umpire With His Bat

Young loses his temper at an umpire after striking out and throws his bat – at the umpire. Jon Lester is the pitcher.

Metzger gets a 0 for sportsmanship but a 10 for creativity. Its been awhile since baseball has witnessed a classic reaction to a called third strike. 

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