Watch BYU’s Cougarettes And Cosmo The Cougar Rip It Up With Ayo & Teo

Back in October we saw BYU mascot, Cosmo the Cougar, and the Cougarettes rip up the field to “ROLEX” by Ayo and Teo.

The Shadow League on Twitter

Today’s been crazy. Watch BYU’s mascot dance to Ayo & Teo’s “Rolex” to make you feel better. (h/t @JasmineLWatkins)

Well this past weekend the team did it again, this time with Ayo and Teo on the floor during the team’s home game against Pacific. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

BYU’s mascot went off again dancing to Ayo & Teo.

BYU ended up winning the game 80 – 65, but Cosmo and the Cougarettes definitely won the night.

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