Warriors Path To Giannis If He Declines SuperMax With Bucks Isn’t Farfetched

With Lakers fans gearing up for multiple championships for Lebron and AD, I know many basketball fans don’t wanna see this happen, but the Golden State Warriors have the best package going forward for a Giannis Antetokounmpo trade.

A trade that would flip the balance of power in the NBA back in Steph Curry’s favor. There’s been a lot of talk about him going to Miami in the summer of 2021, but Golden State is a real possibility as well. Certain haters have been challenging me, saying it’s not possible. Not saying it’s gonna happen but I did my homework as to how it could happen …. Let me break it down like the Double Dose Twins on onlyfans.com.

Money & Enticing Trading Chips

Steve Kerr‘s squad has the trade exception (Andre Iguodala Trade $17.2M) which can be used to acquire a single or multiple players.

They also have talented Andrew Wiggins, a career 19.7 ppg scorer who has seven years in the league and is still just 25.  Package him with this year’s #2 overall pick, and next year’s Minnesota pick (DeAngelo Russell Trade) which is Top 3 protected in 2021 and unprotected in 2022 and you’re working with something that both sides can be happy with.

Agent Affiliation

Couple that with the fact that Greek Freak and Steph Curry have agents in Jeff Austin and Alex Saratsis, who are close friends and both work for Octagon.

Budding Friendship

Greek Freak and Chef Curry have become very good friends. They both have entrepreneurial spirits and are to of the world’s most popular players. Curry always shuts down the jersey sales and it was predicted that by the end of this year, Giannis will be the most popular NBA player in the world. His desire to continue to grow in the “Tech World” burns as deeply as his love for hoops. Name a better place for that to happen than “Silicon Valley”?

The Calvary Is Coming: Get Out While You’re On Top

Another small tidbit is the East will get a little tougher than it’s been the last two regular seasons and the Bucks didn’t advance to the finals either season.

The Boston Celtics will be a year better and more experienced. The beginning of the KD and Kyrie era in Brooklyn should be a blast. The Miami Heat just made a run to the finals. The Sixers hired Doc Rivers to try and fix Embiid and Simmons. If he’s successful, then look out for Philly. The Raptors will be solid and capable of winning playoff series’ as usual.

The Western Conference may not be much easier with the #Lakers #Warriors #Nuggets #Clippers #Jazz #Mavs #Blazers and #Rockets all fighting for playoff positioning. The  Dubs have been through that fire a ton of times and come up smelling like roses.

Of course, he could sign the #SuperMax or do as #Bron #KD and #Kawhi have done in the past and sign basically a 4-year deal but it’s like 4 one year deals allowing him an opt-out clause after every season.

We’ll have to see how this goes


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