Von Miller Is Catching Haymakers From The NFL Drug Policy

Von Miller could be looking at a six-game supsension for violating the leagues substance policy, according to a report by Chis Mortensen and Adam Schefter. Miller is still trying to get the suspension reduced from six games to four. Deadspin took a look at the league's drug policy to determine what constitutes a six-game suspension, since some of the details in this situation are unclear. 

The only scenario where a six-game suspension shows up in the policy is "Discipline for Second Failure to Comply in Stage Two." The policy is broken down in stages, where in Stage One there is no punshiment, rather a Treatment Plan implemented. 

The theory is that Miller arrived to Stage One in what the Denver Post reported as positive tests for marijuana and amphetamines in 2011. 

Policy language for Stage Two indicates that it takes less than a positive test for a second violation of the policy, which means Miller could be hit with a six-game suspension despite not having a positive test if he missed out on an obligation or appointment. 

The policy states that a punishment can be handed down to anyone who "fails to comply with his Treatment Plan or fails to cooperate with testing, treatment, evaluation or other requirements imposed on him by this Policy, both as determined by the Medical Director, or has a Positive Test."