Von Miller dominates and gets Super Bowl 50 MVP

Our Ricardo Hazell said it earlier this week and it’s important to reiterate it now. Cam Newton and the Panthers haven’t faced a defense like Von Miller and the Broncos before and tonight it showed.

As the clock hit 00:00, the Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10 and while the feel good story was Peyton Manning’s victory in what could possibly be his final game, the other story was just how good the Broncos defense is; but, even more importantly, how nasty Von Miller is.

Miller had 2.5 sacks and forced two fumbles en route to helping the Broncos D suffocate Cam and the Panthers’ O.

He continued his relentless pressure on Cam, hitting him the way he hit Tom Brady and the Patriots two weeks ago. With his performance tonight, it was obvious he was deserving of the MVP. 

You can already feel offensive coordinators designing plays and schemes to stop him next season. But he’s not worried about that right now as, according to Peyton Manning in his on stage discussion with Jim Nantz during the trophy presentation, he’ll be too busy buying the team lots of beer tonight.

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