Virginia Tech’s Women’s LAX Caught On Cam Rapping N-Word With A Hard R

Once again, we see white folks acting a fool by saying and doing racially insensitive things. 

Once again, some adult attempts to downplay it as a teachable moment. 

And, once again, some folks will engage in faux ambiguity by asking why a group of white girls chanting the N-word to Lil Dickys Freaky Friday is just not a good look. This time around, the offenders were members of the Virginia Tech womens lacrosse team.

exposed virginia tech women’s lacrosse team sings the n word

virginia tech women’s lacrosse team has no qualms when it comes to chanting the n word.

This is a teachable moment, John Sung, Virginia Tech’s women’s LAX coach told the Roanoke Times. Its not something that were proud of. The team is very apologetic and sorry. Theres nobody of any color that should say it. Period. Theres nobody that should say it.

Instead of the president calling the offenders nice people, lacrosse team head coach John Sung used the term teachable moment while speaking with the Roanoke Times. In a vacuum, we can see how these things are considered innocent. However, we dont live in a vacuum, we live in the most information-rich age ever!

So, no Coach Sung, this is not a teachable moment. This is a moment for action. 

These girls should be expelled for insulting our intelligence by claiming no malice or kicked off the team at the very least. I know that may never happen. After all, as was illustrated by yet another murderous cop getting off, America can give a shit about how black people feel.

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