VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode On Cal’s Campus

It would’ve been cool enough for Marshawn Lynch to just watch his former college squad’s spring game. But he took it a step further and literally got in the game.

Lynch put on the pads, helmet and rushed for a score while wearing his old number 10. In the video provided by Pac-10 Network you can hear how excited Lynch was to play one more time for his beloved Cal Bears. 

"It felt pretty good out there," Lynch said. "Just being out here, seeing the young guys building those relationships with their new teammates and friends .They were struggling, but I hope this regime turns it back into what it was when I was here.”

Those are lofty goals considering that Lynch rushed for 3,230 yards and 29 TD’s from 2004-2006. His teams had a record of 28-9 and 2-1 in bowl games.  The QB at the time was also some guy named Aaron Rodgers. I’m not sure if there are players of that caliber knocking at the door any time soon.

It might be a while before Cal is able to bring it to back their glory days, but visits by legends like Lynch can only help to expedite the process.

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