VIDEO: Kobe Yams On Chris Paul…In A Real Way

Kobe yammed on poor little CP. Even rocked it a little like when Dr. J abominated Michael Cooper. Check it out above.

How does that make you feel? Might make you feel a little whistful. Young Kobe was one of the most explosive athletes we've ever witnessed. We don't get too much Explosive Kobe, anymore. But, what we are getting is an efficient tactician that, in his 17th season, is turning in one of his best offensive seasons.  Who knows how he's doing this? Actually, we all know — his conditioning and trained/practiced/gifted skill-set is historic. It's one thing to be able to remain effective on a Paul Pierce/Tim Duncan/Steve Nash/Dirk Nowitzki/Kevin Garnett/Jason Kidd-level…this 2012-2013 thang that Kobe is pulling off, though, is completely unprecedented. No athlete — ever — has performed on this level, this late in his career. Brett Favre and Barry Bonds? Maybe.

The problem is, the Lakers are wasting this historic display. Kobe went 15-25 against the Clips…in a 107-102 loss. Kobe leads the league in scoring (30.5 ppg)…for a team that, two games under .500, leads the league in underachieving and giving up wide open jumpers. Which lead to this tweet from Kobe, less than a day after he arrived to Twitter.

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