Shaquille O’Neal On Dirk Nowitzki Having A Black Wife: “I Knew That He Likes The Chocolate Bars!”

This is the podcast episode we’ve been waiting for. “The Big Podcast with Shaquille O’Neal,” welcomed NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki in to discuss various topics, including the NBA Finals, their respective careers, and of course, Mavericks star Luka Doncic. 

Shaq is known to say whatever comes to mind and pull no punches. He’s known as the loveable giant, but he still has an enormous mouth and cracking jokes, from conservative to lewd, has always been in his ballpark. 

It’s been common knowledge throughout NBA circles and those familiar with the lifestyles of superstar NBA players, that Dirk Nowitzki is married to a Black woman, Jessica Olsson. 

The former champion, NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP, a 14-time All-Star has been happily married since 2012. 

The elephant in the room is always that she’s Black. So, of course, Shaq had to mention that on the pod and even recalled the first time he personally saw Jessica, saying he noticed a beautiful woman standing outside of the arena after a game (was probably going to shoot his shot), but later found out it was Nowitzki’s wife. 

Dirk Nowitzki has been married to Jessica, Olsson, a Kenyan women, since 2012.
Dirk Nowitzki (left) has been married to Jessica Olsson (right), a Kenyan woman, since 2012. Shaquille O’Neal recalls when he found out that she was Dirk Nowitzki’s wife.

During the conversation, O’Neal threw some cringy humor into his story, as Shaq is known to do.

“I found out accidentally, and I don’t know if Dirk knows this, but we all live the same way. So one day, there was this gorgeous person standing right there, and I was like, oh.”

“It was like, that’s Dirk’s wife. I was like, oh, OK, my bad. But after that, I knew that he was down. I knew that he liked chocolate. I knew that he liked chocolate bars. Yes, I knew that it was good.”

Nowitzki laughed at the comment. It’s the first time he’s heard that story, but probably not the first time people have been surprised that his wife is Black. The NBA is known for Black players dating white women, but we have seen very few examples of white ball players marrying a Black woman. 

Who is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife, Jessica Olsson?

Jessica Olsson is a Swedish-Kenyan businesswoman and philanthropist, who enhanced her profile by being the wife of NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki. 

Olsson spent her formative years in Sweden, where she attended school. Her mother is from Kenya and her father is Swedish. Olsson, 47, was born in Gavle, Sweden, later earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Stockholm.

Ollson comes from a very athletic family as her younger twin brothers Marcus and Martin are professional soccer players in England. 

Dirk Nowitzki and his wife Jessica have three kids.
Dirk Nowitzki and his wife Jessica have three kids: Malaika, 11, Max, 9, and, Morris, 8. (Photos: Getty Images)

What does Jessica Olsson do for a living?

Jessica Olsson’s first duty is as a mother and home keeper to their three children: Malaika, Max, and Morris. Malaika arrived in July 2013. Dirk was 35, and averaged 21.7 points per game and was 14th in MVP voting in the season that ended that year. 

In 2015, Jessica gave birth to their second child, Max, before eventually having Morris in 2016. Dirk retired in the 2018-19 season and became a full-time husband and father. 

Jessica is a huge fan of the arts, and she has worked at the Dallas Art Gallery. Much of her attention is present on her charitable works. She’s also an associate director at Goss-Michael Foundation.

In addition, she’s heavily involved with The Gates Foundation and UNICEF.

The couple got married in Nowitzki’s Texas home, but the wedding ceremony was conducted in a traditional Kenyan wedding ceremony, where Dirk was asked to identify his wife from among five veiled women. 

Dirk Nowitzki got married to wife Jessica in a traditional Kenyan ceremony.
Dirk Nowitzki got married to wife Jessica in a traditional Kenyan ceremony in 2012, two years after meeting at the Sports for Education Economic Development symposium. (Photos: Pinterest)

Dirk has been married for over a decade and has never been in the tabloids or even hinted at any turmoil in the marriage. He and his wife have kept a low profile and it has served them both well. 

When asked, the legend, whose former team is down 0-1 in the NBA finals to the Boston Celtics, spoken highly of his wife throughout his career, describing her as “supportive” and “amazing” and crediting her with helping him maintain a healthy balance between his existence as a larger-than-life hoops star and a family man. 

You can’t miss them when they are together. In addition to being different races and nationalities, Jessica is 5-foot-1, making her two feet smaller than the 7-footer. 

Jessica Olsson’s Net Worth

Jessica Olsson’s net worth can be estimated at over $1 million that comes from her art gallery, but she is also the proprietor of her husband’s holdings and probably entitled to half of his $140 million fortune. 

How did Dirk and Jessica meet?

The couple met at a charity event for the Sports for Education Economic Development in the year 2010 and by 2012 they were married.  The organization uses basketball as a platform for youth to be engaged in leadership, academic, and athletic programs.

When asked about his experiences after marrying a Black woman, Nowitzki says he was warmly embraced by the Black community. Which isn’t surprising. Dirk has the most official invitation to the cookout, as he frequently received invitations to cookouts and gatherings during home games. 

Shaq Tried To Join Dirk In Dallas

Shaquille O’Neal also revealed that he tried to join the Dallas Mavericks to team up with Dirk Nowitzki when he was leaving the Lakers in 2004, before winning his fourth and final title with the Miami Heat in 2006. 

The locker room would have surely been lit.

Dirk and Shaq would have probably won multiple titles, as they were both 7 feet but played very different styles of ball. Dirk was versatile and is probably the best-shooting big man in NBA history. Shaq is the player known as the most dominating force of his generation. Despite his desires, the Lakers were unwilling to trade Shaq to a Western Conference rival without getting Dirk in return. 

Kobe is probably grateful for that.  

With the Mavericks back in title contention — and being led by another white, European player trying to reach legendary status in Luka Doncic, Dirk’s presence at these games is even more required.

He’s the only player to lead the franchise to a championship, and he did it by defeating the NBA’s first Super Team (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh). The living legend is also an example of a changing world, where interracial marriages are as common as the hula hoop.

So, yeah Dirk Nowitzki loves chocolate, and she seems to be the perfect sweet tooth.

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