Video: KD Called Out For Ashy Ankles; Draymond Declares ‘That Was F***ing Scales,’ Durant Claps Back

The internet is abuzz with a pregame photo of Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant in which the two-time finals MVP looks to be in desperate need of some lotion.

The Nets played the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday (November 22nd) a 117-112 Brooklyn win. But all the internet wants to discuss is KD’s ash level.

If we are being honest, we’ve all experienced an ashy situation once or twice in our lives. It’s not a good look and we were likely clowned for it. Rightfully so.

But this situation with KD was next level.

The new technology we have with professional camera lenses can capture even the most miniscule detail. There was a little space between the top of KD’s sock and the bottom of his leg sleeve, and it was just … ash.

A lot of ash.

KD has long been a target for his appearance on social media. His lack of a proper hair care regimen, his pregame ’fits, etc.

Now, we can add his skin care routine.

Several people on Twitter mentioned shea butter, cocoa butter and some of the better skin lubricants. Look, KD is rich as all get-out, we know this. But he doesn’t even need all that.

My guy, you live in NYC now. Duane Reades are open 24/7. Take yourself downstairs from your apartment and pick up a couple bottles of Jergens, Aveeno, Nivea or Vaseline. The regular stuff. Keep them in the locker room. The home and road attendants will do it for you.

You’ll always be good. No problems.

As someone who lives online, Durant saw all the commotion, and responded like only he can.

It’s true what they say about him. All this man cares about is ball. 24/7. He’s what the kids call a real hooper.

That’s cool and it’s why he’s one of the greatest players of all time. Probably top-10. Check his credentials. But that don’t mean you have to be ashy though.

Durant’s good friend and former teammate Draymond Green was sent a picture of KD’s ashy ankles from Miami Heat big man Bam Adebayo, and Green shared his thoughts on his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show.”

Green suggested Durant’s business manager, Rich Kleiman, should secure a lotion sponsorship in time for the Nets’ next game and unveil it. Green also said he was looking forward to calling Durant and asking him about it, but he knows KD will say “f*** y’all!”

The NBA is hilarious. Seemingly on a nightly basis something crazy happens, and we all get to chime in, laugh and opine.

It’s like one huge lunchroom where if you do anything that violates the code, you get put on blast. Those are the rules.

Regardless of all that, the Nets have the best record in the Eastern Conference at 13-5. KD is an MVP candidate leading the league in scoring at 28.5 points per game on 55/41/85 shooting splits. His eFG% is 61 and TS% is 66. Add in about eight rebounds and five assists per game and that’s the KD experience.

Ruthless efficiency, two-way excellence, and among a handful of players who can lay claim to the best player in the world crown. He just also happens to not care about his appearance when there is hooping to be done.

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