VIDEO: J.R. Smith Pulls (Another) Melo And Then A Cruz

J.R. Smith used to take some maddening shots during his stint with the Denver Nuggets. He played with some pretty clutch cats, namely Mr. Big Shot Billups, Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson; yet, he'd inexplicably jack up shots in the final minutes of close games like he was Kobe. His confidence and occasional "unguardableness" have always been his best qualities…and his worst qualities. It's now bearing fruit for the Knicks, though. He hit his second game-winner of the month, yesterday. If Melo doesn't watch it, J.R.'s going to take his spot as the Knicks' main option for a game-winner…and Cruz better watch that salsa-celebration, too. Trademark that now — Smith might have a couple game-winners left in him, this season.

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