Vanessa Bryant Tells Drake And Twitter To Shut Up

This whole Vanessa Bryant versus Drake thing is yet another example of how we’re overly involved in the lives of celebrities. It can be Kim K announcing her pregnancy, Beyoncé eating Popeyes or any movement made by anyone with a name. It also reinforces how Twitter, memes, Facebook, and Instagram have forever changed our lives. I’m not a Drake fan at all, but I’ll admit I found the line “Bitch you wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym” catchy and funny. Sadly, idiots on social media who’ll never have to worry about a dividing marital property decided to take it way too far and taunt Vanessa Bryant.

Kobe had already laughed it off back when the track first dropped. Vanessa has finally responded and she was very direct in a message on Instagram:

"I love when immature kids quote a rapper that has never been friends with Kobe and knows nothing about our relationship. Just shows how gullible they are. I don’t need to be in the gym. I’m raising our daughters, signing checks and taking care of everything else that pertains to our home life. I really wish people would stop THINK and then realize that they are being sucked into someone’s clear intention to monetize and gain attention off of our family’s heartache. This is real life. I hold down our home life so my husband can focus on his career. It’s a partnership. Since my husband is isn’t friends with Drake, we received a text of an apology forwarded from his manager. It’s done and over with and it’s now time for people to THINK before speaking."

Vanessa won this battle, to say the least. Let’s hope it dies now.


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