USC Would Never Use Snoop Dogg As A Recruiting Tool

A journalism professor from the University of Michigan recently released a book called Fourth And Long: The Fight For College Football's Soul. As you might expect, the book delves into the big-money business college football has become on the backs of the student athletes. 

Bacon gained access to four major programs: Penn State, which makes up the majority of the information, Ohio State, Michigan and Northwestern, and also revealed a nugget about USC. As the vultures surrounded Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky revelations trying to pick off players who may be interested in transferring, USC sent Snoop Dogg to pick up top RB Silas Redd from the airport. 

A free ride in a limo is a violation, and the situation becomes much murkier given Snoop's affiliation with the school. Is he technically considered a booster? If not, what is the definition of a booster? 

Both USC and Redd's father denied the allegations. Redd's father called it "total misinformation," while USC released a statement.

"Silas Redd has never met Snoop Dogg, much less received a ride from him in any type of vehicle. USC head coach Lane Kiffin picked up Silas from the airport on his recruiting visit."

Of course, both USC and Kiffin have a history of denying allegations only to be found guilty down the road. Such is life in college football. 

But if USC really wanted to use a celebrity to recruit athletes, surely they could just set up a meeting with an on-campus professor like Dr. Dre.