An Undercover Cover Brother Sequel Sans Eddie Griffin Is Not A Sequel Worth Having

The film may have been Eddie Griffin’s signature role, but the sequel is moving on without him.

The universe changes in ways subtle, inconceivable and innumerable in the blink of an eye, but that’s nothing compared to how fast things change in the ever-tumultuous arena of Hollywood films.

Back in the day, Eddie Griffin was the top biller. Meanwhile, Dave Chapelle was still trying to get his come up. Undercover Brother was a 2002 comedy that was a mash between blaxploitation and James Bond films.

People didn’t like to admit it at the time, for whatever reason, but Undercover Brother had a bit of a cult following. So much so that people are talking about a sequel nearly 20 years after the fact. Initially, it was believed that Griffin himself would reprise his starring role in some way, shape or manner.

But, according to ComedyHype, he is no longer on the project.

Though there are yet no names attached to the project, the prior rendition also starred Neil Patrick Harris, Aunjanue Ellis, and the aforementioned Dave Chappelle. Any remake that doesn’t contain comparable talent will most definitely be a waste of time. Let’s just cross our fingers and see.

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