Did Uncle Neely Forget Which Side He Plays For? | Jackson State Ices “Thee Pregame Show”

When Deion Sanders left Jackson State in December, the new Colorado Buffaloes head coach brought plenty of folks with him. Coaches came with him, student training staffers and players from the legendary HBCU transferred into Boulder as well.

While much of that was expected, what came as a surprise was Uncle Neely, a JSU graduate and huge supporter of the program also providing Coach Prime’s new endeavor around-the-clock coverage with his hit multimedia show, “Thee Pregame Show.”

“Thee Pregame Show” host, Uncle Neely’s media credentials have been revoked by Jackson State. (Screenshot/TPG)

What Happened With JSU and Uncle Neely?

From the first time Sanders arrived at the Pac-12 school, just hours after leading the Tigers to back-to-back SWAC championships, Neely’s been there to cover every move of Sanders, and the program. 

But one thing he seems to have forgotten is he’s media-credentialed back at Jackson State. This past week, in an interview with HBCU Gameday, Neely talked about that and how JSU is doing everything in its power to do things totally differently than the way Sanders did them.

Is he telling the truth or is he upset about the media credentials being revoked? 

Neely Believes School Is Trying To Get Rid Of Deion Sanders Culture

After speaking about the situation with his media credentials, Neely took the high road, saying he “wishes anybody covering Jackson State all the best and we need more people covering Jackson State and not less.”

He then went onto say “there does appear to be some concerted effort (to ensure that) if Deion Sanders used to do it, we ain’t doing it that way.” 

Neely stated this is what he sees, and not something someone told him. He also says he doesn’t know why that’s the case. 

Sounds like Jackson State is doing nothing more than closing that very successful three-year chapter with Coach Prime at the helm. But with him now at Colorado, the university is ready to embark on the T.C. Taylor era, so it’s probably best to move in that direction as far as the football side of things go. As for the media, Neely was the sound of JSU, but his following grew leaps and bounds because of Sanders, and maybe that’s why he did this interview decked out in full Colorado gear, because out in Boulder is where his bread is buttered. 

ASVPVisuals Lands JSU Media Gig: “Thee Pregame Show” Is Out

With Neely and “Thee Pregame Show” no longer in the picture, the SWAC school has made ASVPVisuals the new director of media. 

While the move may be shocking, it’s one that was expected. With Neely spending a lot of his time with Coach Prime in Boulder, how long did he really think they were going to allow him to double dip. 

Especially with Coach Prime and the media circus that was his departure from JSU. The writing was on the wall with this and just so happened to come to fruition. 

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