UMBC Unleashes Hell On Twitter After Upsetting No.1 Ranked UVA

Last night history was made during March Madness when the sixteenth seeded University of Maryland Baltimore County upset the number one seeded Virginia Cavaliers, marking the first time that a No. 16 beat a No. 1 in the Men’s Tournament. The first 16 seed to ever do it happened in the Women’s Tournament 20 years ago when No. 16 Harvard took down No. 1 ranked Stanford.

NCAA March Madness on Twitter

UNREAL. UMBC becomes the first 16 seed to upset to beat a No. 1 seed! #MarchMadness

Those who stayed awake to witness the beat down, which is one of the greatest sports upsets in all of sports history, were also treated to UMBC’s hilarious reactions on Twitter. Zach Seidel, the mastermind behind the Retrievers’ Twitter game, deserves an award for the hell he unleashed last night after his alma mater’s victory, a stream of fire ten years in the making and one which helped their account gain over 40,000 followers in a few short hours. 

Zach’s memory is long so no one was safe after his team’s victory. Check out his skills below:

UMBC Athletics on Twitter


UMBC Athletics on Twitter


UMBC Athletics on Twitter

Sup, @ESPN

ESPN on Twitter


UMBC Athletics on Twitter

Tell @SethDavisHoops, who sharpied in Virginia at tip, that we said “sup”

UMBC Athletics on Twitter

We also beat UVA on twitter too btw

UMBC Athletics on Twitter

Ahh we remember this game at Maryland in December….hopefully you enjoyed our game from your couch dude!

UMBC Athletics on Twitter

We beat them by 20 @JayBilas that’s a blowout, not a collapse

UMBC Athletics on Twitter

We appreciate it Seth, feel free to pick against us again

UMBC Athletics on Twitter

Why aren’t you all studying

SportsCenter on Twitter

UMBC > everywhere else right now

Even college football chimed in, taking aim directly at the flawed playoff selection system.

UCF Knights on Twitter

Amazing what happens when an under “dog” gets a fair shot in an expanded playoff Congrats on the history, @UMBCAthletics

The Ivy League and Harvard were happily watching too.

The Ivy League on Twitter

A well-deserved welcome to the “16 over 1 club” to @UMBC_MBB & our friends @AmericaEast! #MarchMadness #16Over1Club

Lesson here- don’t come for Zach unless he calls you.

Steven on Twitter

@UMBCAthletics the 1st couple of tweets were funny, and well deserved. But at some point they just seem pathetic. No 1 has ever been where u r now, but it’s time to show some humility and act like you’ve been there before! Save some for Sunday, don’t shoot your whole wad tonight!

UMBC Athletics on Twitter


UMBC Athletics on Twitter

Nah, they were against college teams…you might’ve heard of the team we beat for win No.25 tho…

UMBC Athletics on Twitter

And we just, like, beat the No.1 team in the nation

There are a few lessons to be learned here. Never underestimate your opponent, never assume greatness because of a name and never, ever, never, ever attempt to challenge Zach and the power of the Retrievers’ Twitter game. Congrats UMBC!

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