Ultimate Rap League: Can A God Die? Tay Roc Will Murder Mook or Lose His Life Trying

Devout fans have been waiting for Murda Mook’s return to the Ultimate Rap League stage with high anticipation. Forget striving to be on Mt. Rushmore, the Dot Mob General has his sights locked in on Mt. Olympus— a home for all the lyrical sport’s deities. He is, after all, one of the undisputed “gods of battle rap.”

The Harlem native is Hades to Smack’s Zeus and Loaded Lux’s Poseidon.

Murda Mook is an undisputed “god of battle rap”


If fans peep the Greek Mythology reference, they already know that Hades is never going to have permanent residence on the mountain, despite veneration he enters in on his terms, and Zeus either complies or dispels.

Mook has a history with Smack that dates back to the DVD era. So, he does not come to any card with the same energy that those who came after him do. He saw the fall of Cronus and at the beginning of this era drew lots (with Smack and Lux) to see who became the lord over the culture. He chose to be the god of the underworld, closest to the belly of the beast, living by those street codes that have nurtured his lyrical prowess and even entered the commercial world, where his underground aesthetic was appreciated but not awarded — and Smack the throne above the earth looking down and puppeteering battle rap culture like Hip-Hop’s Clash of The Titans.

This battle, on October 31st on Caffeine TV, against URL’s Ares, Tay Roc another god in the space, will show if it is at all possible for “a god could die.”

There is history between the two: Tay Roc is a former Dot Mob member and though it appears from the face-offs they were never brothers, the two have co-existed for over a decade in each other’s ciphers. Roles are very different … but both acknowledge that they were there together in those legendary spaces in which the current manifestation of the culture was birthed.

Mook brings to the battle two Hades-ian weapons of war: a two-pronged forked tongue that spits fire on the natural and cerebral level. According to Ms. Fit and Math Hoffa, in this battle, his bars are next level. The audience will surely be treated to him breaking down Tay Roc’s character as well as being the lyrical miracle that has made him G.O.A.T. status.

He also brings the helmet of Hades as protective gear. His big headedness and belief in himself are rooted in years of being a victor. That level of confidence translates well on camera and above other things positions himself in the room as the superior athlete.

Tay Roc is the face of the URL and its warrior.


This is why he is the Greek god of war.

According to mythology, Ares is a difficult god to understand or appreciate. Always in fights, his moral compass is misunderstood because he is hot-tempered and ready to bus on anyone he believes has violated his high sense of loyalty.

That sounds like Dracula, right?

In this battle of eras, there is little dispute that for the last 10 years, Roc has emerged as one of the most dangerous warriors in the culture. Sure, he has more L’s than Mook, but that’s because he consistently comes out. And if the truth is told — are his “L’s” really losses? He’s rarely if ever, shown up and not shown out. There are few times that he has not drawn blood, not moved the crowd, not proven himself exceptional. He is battle-tested and has never been casketed. If anyone can succeed in deicide, it would be him.

This indeed will be a war of words from two of the most epic personalities in the culture. Moreover, both of these wordsmiths have two of the most remarkable pens. People will wonder if they will see a god die … we doubt it … but most certainly these two supernaturals in the space will die trying to kill each other.

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