Tyron Tattoo Done! Woodley Makes Good On Bet | ‘I Love Jake Paul’

Tyron Woodley made good on the bet with Jake Paul in hopes of securing a rematch. Paul challenged Woodley to get a tattoo that says, “I love Jake Paul” on his body to get a rematch of their late August bout.

Almost a month later, Woodley got the tattoo.

The former UFC welterweight champion displayed his new ink on social media with a unique twist on Monday. Woodley tatted “I love Jake Paul” on the part of his body that had a double meaning: his middle finger.

Woodley. Tattoo. Done.

“I love you son. Now come and get this ass whippin cause i heard you been talking back to your elders. @jakepaul #ManOfMyWord”

In a weird rematch negotiation, Paul demanded that either would get a tattoo of the other as a loser’s bet during the prefight build-up.

However, Paul was specific on wanting tattoo artist Tatu Baby to administer the ink. In addition, Paul flew Tatu Baby to the fight week in Cleveland, Ohio, and the loser was supposed to get the tattoo directly after the fight.

Tatu Baby is a former star of the reality show “Ink Master” and has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Paul gained recognition as a social media star, so Tatu Baby’s immense following would make sense for Paul’s consistent hype plan.

Woodley credited the ink to tattoo artist Rubia Santana.

Late last week, Woodley said he would get the tattoo over the weekend, and he kept his word; however, it is not sure that Paul will fulfill his rematch request.

Jake’s Perspective

Jake Paul took to his Instagram Stories to respond to the tattoo.

“1. Tyron got the wire from the fight
2. Tyron bought a used Bentley
3. Tyron got on a call with his accountant
4. His accountant told him how much he had to pay in taxes
5. Tyron got the tattoo.”

Paul made the request first at a prefight press conference challenging Woodley’s confidence in his ability to win the match. After gauging the public’s reaction, Woodley and Paul eventually shook hands on stage, with Woodley also verbally responding with “bet.”

However, on Sept. 13, Paul told ESPN that he is moving on from a potential rematch against Woodley.

The YouTube star believed Woodley broke their informal agreement after the former UFC welterweight champion declined to honor his side of their tattoo bet. Paul thought that Woodley was supposed to do it backstage after the fight by Tatu Baby.

“I’m over it,” Paul said.

Paul also went on a podcast and further elaborated on the bet and his position since winning a split decision over Woodley. The tattoo was a pure promotional strategy to build hype for a potential rematch in true Paul brothers fashion.

“I’m like, ‘Where’s the tattoo?’ Now he’s saying you have to sign the contract, and then I’ll get the tattoo,” Paul told the “Full Send” podcast. “The tattoo was a bet before this fight. It was the loser had to get the tattoo. So now he’s trying to change it to make it for the rematch.

“It doesn’t make sense [to fight him again]. If he would have gotten the tattoo now and that clip goes viral and everyone’s like, ‘Jake do it,’ I’d be like, ‘I kind of have to do this.’ But he f*cked up.

“He’s saying, ‘Oh, I’ll get it once you sign the contract.’ No, you f*cked up. Just get the tattoo and let me decide from there. But I think it’s on to bigger and better things. I want to fight a real boxer. We’ll see what the cards have in store.”

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