Tyrod Taylor Shoots Down And Fades Away Idea Of Pay Cut

Tyrod Taylor has broken records that even the great Jim Kelly couldnt accomplish as quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, taking them to the playoffs for the first time since the 1999 this season. And yet was still benched in favor of an unproven rookie, criticized and failed to convince the franchises brain trust and coach Sean McDermott that he is the guy to lead them in the future. 

Theres been constant speculation regarding Taylors future with the team for over a year now and nothing much has changed. 

However, if the Bills are expecting the 29 year old to take another pay cut to remain with the team, he says they must have stumbled into a field of mushrooms. 

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Tyrod Taylor won’t take another pay cut to remain with Bills. https://t.co/Tr34s6SAX0

Last year, Taylor renegotiated his contract , taking a $10 million pay cut in the process. 

According to Bleacher Report, Taylor spoke with the Buffalo News about the possibility of accepting another pay cut if it meant hed have a better chance to remain with the team and he bluntly stated, Nah, that not really part of the plan right now.

Taylor is scheduled to count $18.08 million against the 2018 salary cap and is due a $6 million roster bonus in March. In addition, the current contract can be voided by Buffalo just after the conclusion of the 2018 season.

Last season, he played the good soldier and got played like a banjo in the outbacks when he was benched with a 5-4 record for rookie Nathan Peterman. It was not only embarrassing but downright disrespectful. 

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2017 BUFFALO BILLS PASSING STATS Tyrod Taylor: 3 interceptions on 254 attempts. Nathan Peterman: 4 interceptions on 19 attempts.

Taylor has been very frustrated during his Bills tenure. He has been consistent in his effort and was even named to a Pro Bowl in 2015. He was an underdog sixth-round draft pick out of Virginia Tech in 2011. And after four years of chilling on the bench in Baltimore, he amassed 7,742 yards passing with 47 TD’s and just 15 interceptions while also rushing for 1,385 yards and 12 more scores in his first 38 games as the starting QB for the Bills.

Playing in Buffalo has gotten Taylor accustomed to being underrated and unwanted at times by the franchise that he has performed solidly for. He has spoken about the struggles he has endured in Buffalo as an African-American quarterback, but he has gotten paid for his turbulent ride. 

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Truth. See Lamar Jackson critiques for more proof. https://t.co/TpZt30TCEJ

Now its Taylors turn to play hard ball. 

Definitely not part of my mindset, Taylor added. Ive done that before. I dont think theres a need to do that again.

Oddly enough, Taylor says he loved playing in Buffalo, but the writing is on the wall for a departure at some point in the near future. Problem is, theres just not that many Pro Bowl caliber quarterbacks floating around the league. 

The Bills want to keep Taylor while they seek his replacement and thats dirty pool that he isnt having. Hes proved himself in this league and will have suitors when the Bills finally get rid of him as theyve tried to do several times. 

I really havent had any communications as to whats the plan moving forward, Taylor said. “Im sure that itll be communicated to me at some point, but as of right now, Im going to continue to focus on myself mentally, physically, and get ready for another season.

One thing is certain, Taylor’s going to keep his cash. 

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