Tyreek Hill Reveals The Secret To His NFL Domination

Tyreek Hill is one of the best receivers in the game.

Whether that be the real-life NFL or the game of Madden, the seven-time Pro Bowl player doesn’t study the NFL official game tapes heavily before he goes out on Sundays.

The talented receiver instead hops on the sticks to see what his opponents are about.

“I feel like Madden has a good tell of how good [opponents] are. So I just play Madden the night before and I just go look at all their ratings,” Hill told reporters after practice on Thursday.

“So let’s just say for instance they have Steve Nelson and Derek Stingley over there, two phenomenal players by the way… I just go to the EA rosters, then I scroll down and see what their awareness is their speed and their strength, and that’s how I get a good tell on them,” he added.

Hill, 29, who’s been an elite, speedy receiver since entering the NFL, seems to have figured out a cheat code for all the information he needs on players.

Tyreek Hill Uses Madden To Scout Opponent

While this is an unorthodox method of scouting your opponents and finding the edge on them, which is usually his speed for almost anyone he’s facing (because you can’t beat Hill stride-for-stride), you cannot argue with the results.

Hill has amassed over 8,000 yards in his seven-year career.

With Kansas City, Hill achieved 6,630 yards and 56 touchdowns catching passes from Patrick Mahomes.

But he had his best year statistically with his new Miami squad last season, catching seven touchdowns to go along with his career-high 1,710 receiving yards on a career-high 119 receptions, which is proof that there is a method to the madness for Miami’s star receiver.

While Tyreek Hill does still participate in the team activities for film, and scouting, his method of taking his work home is by way of gaming console.

Utilizing Madden ratings is a different way of getting a grasp of what a player excels at, but Hill gets the best prep work in practice going against veteran cornerbacks like Jalen Ramsey, Xavien Howard, or Eli Apple, every day at practice, so he doesn’t need to do too much scouting for them on Madden.

Hill should be a bit careful because Madden does update their ratings every week during the season, by way of Madden Ratings Adjustors, who have sometimes given players ratings that could be inaccurate to their current play, especially players who may have taken a step back in real life versus what the game producers might want them to be.

But at the end of the day who says playing the video game can’t make you successful? Seems to be working out great for Hill.

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