Tyler, The Creator, Schoolboy Q Boycott Sweden In Support Of ASAP Rocky

Rocky’s friends are showing their support.

Last week a video surfaced in which Rapper A$AP Rocky and his crew were seen attacking a man on the streets of Stockholm, leaving him pretty bruised up. But another video surfaced giving context to the situation.

In the video Rocky, is seen telling the men that he doesn’t want a fight. “We not trying to go to jail… It’s OK, bro, chill” he said.


A$AP was then arrested on suspicion of assault after voluntarily going to authorities for questioning.

According to reports from Hollywood Reporter, the rapper will now be held for two weeks in pre-trial detention while police investigate.

Prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson said Friday after the hearing at the Stockholm District Court that A$AP Rocky — the stage name of Rakim Mayers — was to be held on a lesser assault charge than he initially had demanded.

“They were attacked and he made use of self-defense,” said defense lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja, adding that they would appeal the ruling.

New reports are now stating that the rapper is facing inhumane conditions at a “disease-ridden” facility.

Per sources that TMZ said Tuesday have “direct knowledge” of Rocky’s forced living situation, he’s been sleeping atop a yoga mat without any blankets near an inmate who’s struggling with mental health. That inmate, per the report, often slams his head against the wall and throws feces, making a mess that’s allegedly never remedied by authorities.

Furthermore, Rocky is said to be facing unclean drinking water and food that’s so inedible he spent the first five days eating only one apple every 24 hours.

Friends and Fans of the rapper have been showing an increasing amount of support since the news broke—which have also generated the now viral hashtag #FREEFLACKO.

Rappers Tyler, the Creator and Schoolboy Q announced via Twitter that they would be skipping Sweden all together on future tours in protest of Rocky’s treatment.



If convicted, Rockey could be facing up to six years in prison.  He has also had to cancel performances in Norway and Poland. Sweden’s TT news agency confirmed that the rapper’s world tour has also been paused.


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