Twerk Team Tryouts

Don’t sleep on our neighbors to the north. Canada gets it poppin’ too. However, we’re not sure if high school kids should be getting it popping in this manner.

Cardinal Leger Secondary School in Ontario Canada had a sign posted for Twerk Team tryouts. That’s right the booty thumpin, tiny waist, shake what ya momma gave ya and then some activity called Twerkin’, made popular some lovely ladies from the ATL, has made it’s way to high schools.

Our favorite part of the sign is how they invoked St.Louis Island and wrote “Sign Up HUURRRRRR”

Now that we think about it, it’s not that bad of an idea. I mean, high school dances already resemble a Luke video and the school dance teams aren’t too far away from making it rain.

Also with childhood obesity on the rise, Twerkin’ is a great activity to get the kids away from the computer to become more active.

Therefore we say, Twerk on Canuks. Twerk on.

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