TSL Top 10 – The Top 3 Stories of 2013

The Shadow League (TSL) worked tirelessly in 2013 to bring the freshest content to our pages for your gratification. After thousands of stories, hours of research, and late night, early morning grinding, these are the hallowed trinity of TSL pieces in 2013 that took the cake as our finest pieces of work.

J.R. Gamble opines on the rise, fall and complicated legacy of Allen Iverson.
Vincent Thomas spits the real on the impetus for college athletic's accelerated progress in the reinvigorated battle for student-athlete rights. In case you forgot, who really changes hearts and minds in America here's a reminder.

#1 Kyrie Irving And The Death of The Ghetto Superstar

Khalid Salaam on the Cleveland Cavaliers young point guard defying the ghetto superstar stereotype and NBA street cred. Unfortunately, this has been just about the highlight of the second half of his career and the only thing he's won since college.