TSL Sports Talk Recap: Super Bowl XLIX Roundtable 

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This week on TSL Sports Talk, ESPNs Jemele Hill, ATCQs Phife Dawg and TSLs own JR Gamble, held a Super Bowl XLIX roundtable discussion with TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray. Check out a few highlights below.

Jemele Hill on Marshawn Lynch:

“It seems like this happens every Super Bowl. You have one story that kind of takes over For me its the principle of it. I feel like he shouldnt be made to do anything he doesnt want to and people out there might think that Im riding for the establishment. I know for one thing, yall have turned him into like a political prisoner. All of a sudden, Marshawn Lynch has become this symbol for the airtight hero, which I find comical. With that being said, its not about me feeling like me -as the media- getting on the high horse and say he has to do this as a service to us. If I covered him, I’d never talk to him. I don’t know why [the media] keep running up to him. However, his behavior, to me, is quite childish and unprofessional.”

Phife on the Patriots feeling the pressure to win Super Bowl XLIX:

“As much as I hate the New England Patriots, being a Jets fan, I dont think deflated balls, or whatever the case, had anything to do with Indianapolis getting run through. I really dont. I do think there will be a little bit of pressure for them to win the Super Bowl because theres definitely a cloud hanging over Foxborough with everything theyve been through, from Spy-gate to Deflate-gate to possibly seeding that first Super Bowl win against the Rams-all of that. At the end of the day, I think more pressure falls on Seattle because New England is going to take it as us against the world and theyre going to come out like gangbusters.”

Listen to the full interviews above to hear more from our Super Bowl XLIX roundtable.

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