TSL Sports Talk Recap: Michael Wilbon 

Last week on TSL Sports Talk, co-host of ESPN’s PTI (Pardon The Interruption), Michael Wilbon, joined us to talk about the 12th Annual Michael Wilbon and James Brown Celebrity Roast & Golf Classic benefitting DC College Access Program, which will be held September 29-30, 2014. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, started the discussion by asking Wilbon why –as a Chicago Native- it is important to give back to a community that has become like a second home.


Well [DC] has been [a second home] for 35 years. I got here when I was 21 years old and DC hasn’t been good to me, its been great to me. My day-to-day existence in life has been here with a whole lot of people who have helped me navigate my career… Education is something that was automatic for me. I grew up with a mother who taught public school in Chicago for 35 years and an aunt –who I was very close to- who taught 35 years in Washington DC schools. So whether its Chicago or DC, is immaterial. For me, those are my homes and I know the challenges facing teenagers now who are trying to take advantage of the same opportunities I took for granted. I had them… and I know that’s not automatic… We’re tying to raise scholarship money for public school kids. We’re trying to get as many kids as we can into college, kids who want to go but can’t necessarily afford all the crazy expenses of higher education on their own.

Over the last 15 years, DC Cap has helped more than 21,000 students get into college and has raised more than 31 million dollars in college scholarships. For more information, visit: www.dccap.org

Listen to the full segment above to find out more information on how you can be a part of this positive movement benefiting the youths of DC.

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