TSL Sports Talk Recap: Joel Corry    

Yesterday,on TSL Sports Talk, former NFL agent and CBS Sports columnist, Joel Corry, joined us to talk about Dez Bryant and the NFL franchise tags. Check out the highlights below.

If Dez Bryant should feel disrespected that the Cowboys have not offered a long-term deal:

Most players dont like the franchise tag because they want to get married. They dont want to just date. Even though NFL contracts are barely worth the paper theyre printed on, since theyre not guaranteed, an NFL contract gives the player an illusion of security because its at best, a three year proposition, unless you continue to play at a high level. So getting his 13 million for one year and then if they franchised him at a second time, which would be over 15million, he would make 28 million over those two years. They wouldnt franchise him a third time though. It would be too cost prohibitive. Is it necessarily such a bad thing? Now, Dez need to approach the franchise tag from a business standpoint and use the tools at his disposal, just as the Cowboys and any other team use the tools at their disposal for under the CBA. If you look at it that way, it will take the emotion, some of the emotion, out of it for the player.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on franchise tags, what Corry thinks Bryant should do, and more.

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