TSL Sports Talk Recap: Curtis Bunn 

Curtis Bunn, Contributor for Atlantablackstar.com, joined us on TSL Sports Talk this week to talk about stars in the world of sports, such as Serena Williams and Stephen A. Smith. Check out a highlight below.

On the importance of having a voice like Stephen A. Smiths on ESPN:

Ive known Stephen since he a high school reporter, working with me at the NY Daily News 20+ years ago and hes always been this provocative kind of person. Even though he was covering high school sports, he was a guy that was very opinionated, would be loud about it in the newsroom He was very certain of himself. I think that certainty about who he is can be perceived as arrogance, which makes him polarizingbut its also quite embrace-able. You have to listen even if you disagree with him. Because he is a smart guy, hes not going to come off willy-nilly. Hes going to do his research. You cant find anybody who works as hard or is more proud about what he does. Hes not just going to say something that is outlandish. You may not agree with him, but because his style, I think he is polarizing. Hes a voice that is authentic. He speaks in a barbershop-type of vernacular, but certainly with much more sophistication and insight, having the position that he has.               

Listen to the full interview above to hear Bunn talk about Serena Williams and more.

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