TSL Sports Talk Recap: Carlin Isles 

Yesterday, on TSL Sports Talk, USA Team Sevens Rugby player, Carlin Isles, joined us to talk about his career and dreams to bring his team to the Olympics. In case you missed it, check out JR Gambles piece on the baller. Here are some highlights from Isles on TSL Sports Talk below.   

On what attracted him to Rugby:

When I first started watching it, it was just exciting When I first saw the space, it was a wide pitch and it was 100 meters long and I felt like I could use my gift, which is my speed and thats what really attracted me. I felt like, man, I think I can do this. 

On how Rugby fans are towards Black athletes:

I havent had to deal with [racist fans]. The rugby community is like a family. So many people love and cherish and welcome you with open arms. Rugby doesnt tolerate [racism] a lot. But everyone is so high-spirited in the rugby community across the whole globe and thats whats so special about it. Wherever you go, people just welcome you and they love you and they treat you like youre a god Ive been fortunate to not have to deal with [racism in rugby] and thats a good thing.

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Isles’ transition from football to rugby, his Olympic dreams and more.

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