TSL Film Focus: Actor Dan Stevens Is Moving On The Game With Limitless Versatility 

British actor Dan Stevens is one of the swiss army knives of his craft. He puts his own personal flair to any role thrown his way. The 32-year-old was first born in the English county of Surrey, and soon after was adopted by a family in Croydon. He was a rebellious youth, who eventually adopted acting as his saving grace. He hasn't looked back since landing the lead role of Macbeth while in school. 

Stevens quickly began getting work in films, covering the classic monster genre in Frankenstein and Dracula before moving on to the BBC miniseries of ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ Stevens blew up when he was cast as Matthew Crawley in the Masterpiece Classic series ‘Downton Abbey.’ He has recently elevated to Hollywood films and has played a myriad of roles, some of which are far from the gentleman he played on TV.

Stevens has several motion pictures out. In 2014 he was hard at work preparing for what should be his 2015 breakout year. He co-stars in The Guest , an action-packed movie filled with lust, violence and intrigue.


Stevens also joins Ben Stiller, Robin Williams (RIP) and Owen Wilson in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,  and he is a drug-trafficker dealing with tragedy, death and mystery in a thrilling and edgy crime drama with Liam Neeson called A Walk Among The Tombstones.


Stevens also appears with a slew of heavy hitters, including Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Dustin Hoffman and even Method Man, in the movie, The Cobbler.


Thanks to Premiere TV, I spoke with Stevens via satellite. He chopped it up with The Shadow League about life after ‘Downton Abbey’ and his bright future in film.



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