TSL CREED II Preview: Tessa Thompson

Tessa returns as Bianca in the franchise’s second installment.While names like Creed, Rocky and Drago might be more prevalent, there is no doubt who’s running things in the Creed camp, and her name is Bianca.

Playing a Philly based character in the CREED films came easy for the talented, LA raised Tessa Thompson. Her hard work and talents put Bianca on the main stage with Adonis and Rocky, a testament to her dedication to her craft.

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Combining a street edge with a nurturing spirit, Bianca is a key character in the films, providing support, instilling strength and flexing her own talents on the mic. In the sequel, Bianca is the rock that Adonis Creed needs to survive new challenges, all while pursuing her own musical ambitions and taking on a new role that fans were dying for. 

We sat with Thompson during the Creed II promotional tour in Philly to discuss the City of Brotherly Love, embodying femininity within a pool of masculinity and much more. 

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