TSL CREED II Preview: Michael B. Jordan

We got an exclusive with Michael B. Jordan before the release of Creed II.

When Sylvester Stallone reignited the mythical Rocky franchise around the son of fallen scripted pugilist, Apollo Creed, i’m sure the biggest challenge was casting the lead role.

However, the young man who catapulted onto the scene as the disillusioned character Wallace in the critically acclaimed series The Wire, which chronicled the hard drug addled streets of Baltimore on HBO, fit the mold perfectly.

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Michael B. Jordan cemented his position as CREED using the same West Coast sensibilities that he cultivated in his role as Oscar Grant in the tragic Fruitvale Station combined with his native Newark, NJ roots to play the Philadelphia transplant.

With CREED being rooted in the love for the father-so dynamic, Jordan flexes literally redefining masculinity and what it means to be an athlete with adversity steeped at you on all sides. We talked with the actor on the Philly leg of his press our for the soon to be blockbuster movie.    

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