TSL CREED II Preview: Director Steven Caple Jr.

Caple continues the greatness of the “Creed” franchise.

When Director Ryan Coogler took the mantle for the first CREED movie, it was revolutionary that the Rocky franchise spinoff was now being helmed by a man of color. So when it was time for Creed II to be made, Coogler handed the reins to Steven Caple Jr. to continue the greatness of the series.

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The Cleveland native’s feature film debut, “The Land”, premiered at Sundance 2016, where it was acquired by IFC. He is now penning an Emmett Till show at HBO, produced by Jay-Z, Will Smith and Aaron Kaplan and has a roster of projects on tap.

We caught up with the rising star director in Philly to discuss his vision of the film and what it meant to be a part of the timeless classic boxing story of family.  

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