Trump Won The Presidency So Why Can’t Diddy Own The NFL?

Dreams come true, don’t they? Just look at Diddy. 

From a young boy without a lot of money looking at neighbors with pools to swimming in the oceans surrounding the most exotic islands in the world, Diddy has created an empire despite the challenges obstructing his path to success. He’s made it through the tough times and is close to becoming hip hop’s first billionaire, so when people say he can’t do something, he takes it personally and makes it happen.

He ran the New York City Marathon. He created a multi-million dollar record company. He made Ciroc the Official Drink of New Year’s Eve. He put up a billboard in Times Square. His list of accomplishments go on and on. At one time he wanted to own an NFL team, but now he’s looking beyond that.

Diddy wants the NFL.

Sean Diddy Combs on Twitter


Wait, what?

Yes, Diddy wants the League. Now while the average value of an NFL franchise is around $2.5 billion and there are 32 teams, the chances of that actually happening are slim. But it’s the thought that you have to admire. Could you imagine Diddy at the helm on Park Avenue, especially if Trump attacks his players? Wouldn’t you love to see how he took that on? Of course you would.

Sean Diddy Combs on Twitter

Have freedom to be a great human and protest for your people without being demonized for your beliefs as a KING!! NEW DREAM ALERT!!!!

True, it’s not going to happen, but that’s not the point of his message.

Diddy thinks big and he wants everyone to always think big. He’s made what might seem impossible a reality and he won’t let anyone deter him from big thoughts. He told you that he wouldn’t stop, right?

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