Trolls Created Fake Kaepernick Nike Coupons

    As if voicing your idiotic opinions and burning Nike apparel on twitter for attention wasnt enough, anti-Kaepernickers have now come up with a new scheme to further their nonsense agenda.

    Apparently, trolls have created a coupon, featuring Colin Kaepernicks face, offers 75% off all Nike shoes and apparel geared towards people of color.

    Blavity News on Twitter

    They. Tried. It. Racist trolls created fake Kaepernick Nike coupons giving discounts to ‘people of color’

    Text on the fake coupon claim Nike issued them to show solidarity with the things we believe in.  However, someone misspelled the word solidarity and thats when the gig was up. And if that wasnt enough, the coupon barcode came up as invalid when a USA TODAY reporter had it scanned it at a Washington, D.C. area Nike store.

    Jack Gillis, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America, believes this attempt goes far beyond just a scam.

    “I wouldnt characterize this as a scam, but a full on racial epithet,” Gillis said. “This is nothing more than a dog whistle to a small, and unfortunate, segment of America. Another way to put it is that this is a racial statement masquerading as a scam.”

    Fact-checker site Snopes reports at least one version of the coupons includes a QR code which reveals a highly disturbing message once scanned: This is a ROBBERY, Move slowly and put all the LARGE bills in the shoe box OR everyone DIES.

    It’s one thing to burn your own clothing but this has now gone way too far. 

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