Travis Hunter Inks New NIL Deal With Toy Company: Regardless Of How Many Games Colorado Wins, Playing For Coach Prime Was A Winning Move

Travis Hunter is one of college football’s most exciting players, and with the huge fan following and exceptional play he’s had this year, the NIL deals and swimming pools of money will follow as well. 

Travis Hunter Getting New Bag With Toy Company

Hunter has all types of NIL deals and is among some of the NCAA’s elite, not only on the field but in earnings as well.

His two-way play also landed him another NIL deal, but this one is more unusual than your typical deal. 

Hunter signed with the toy company Squishmallows, and it was first teased by Squishmallows on an Instagram post, as well as Squishmallows showing up to Colorado’s 34-31 home loss to Arizona on Nov. 11.

Captioning the picture of a life-sized squishmallow next to the Colorado Buffalo’s mascot “#SquishmallowSquad always brings their A-game! 🏈 Thank you, Colorado, for making our @CUBoulder #SquishTour Tailgate a smashing success! ❤️”

Hunter is a huge fan of Squishmallows and even has some normally in his background during his “12 talks” podcast. 

What Are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are anthropomorphic stuffed toys that also can come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, such as animals, foods, and objects.

But since Travis Hunter signed a NIL deal with them we can probably expect to see Travis Hunter look-alike Squishmallows, or possibly Colorado Buffalo-inspired Squishmallows with his jersey on them. 

Just brainstorming. 

Either way, there are plenty of brands that have centered some of their marketing campaigns on the star receiver/corner, including Cheez-it, American Eagle, and Fortnite, just to name a few deals. Now he gets to add Squishmallow to the list. 

How Much Are Travis Hunter’s NIL Deals Worth?

The valuation of Hunter’s NIL deals reportedly goes over $2 million, putting him up there with some of the top athletes in college football, although his teammate and head coach Deion Sanders’ son Shedeur Sanders has a $5.3 million NIL value. 

Either way, they’re getting money over there in Colorado, but unfortunately, their play and their record aren’t reflecting their financial value, at least from a team perspective. The Colorado Buffaloes are 4-6 as they head into Friday’s matchup against the Washington State Cougars, which kicks off at 10:30 p.m. EST.

The team has been struggling on the field, but Hunter has certainly held his own on offense and defense.

Travis Hunter was the No. 1 overall recruit in the 2022 recruiting class. He was committed to play at Florida State, but Deion backdoored his alma mater and got Hunter to flip, becoming the highest-touted HBCU prospect in the modern era. He’s forever a part of history and his game is as advertised.

The two-way star was born in Florida, played high school football in Georgia and followed Deion Sanders from Jackson State to Colorado.

Hunter established his presence in the season’s first game, racking up 11 receptions for 119 yards and three tackles with an interception while playing 144 snaps for the Buffaloes in Week 1. 

He broke the mold for real, showing athletes across the country that under the right circumstances HBCU football programs can be an option as a springboard to the NFL.

Hunter said at the time, that he joined Deion because he was real.

“They were straight with me. They didn’t play no games; they came right at me.”

You can assume he was real about the money Hunter could make as a member of Deion’s original JSU gravy train too. The Buffs may not have had the first season that the college football world wanted, but things are working out splendidly for Travis.

Travis Hunter: Paul Hornung Award Finalist

Hunter is a finalist for the Paul Hornung Award, which is given to the most versatile player in college football.

Considering Hunter regularly plays the majority of the snaps on both sides of the ball at an elite level, he qualifies for this award.

Even though Hunter is securing his bag, he’s hoping that his personal success continues to boost and reinvigorate the team. 

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