Trae Young Is The Kobe Bryant To Steph Curry’s MJ

The multifaceted offensive game of Oklahoma’s Trae Young is emphatically distinguished by his Steph curry range, fearless shot selection, dagger-for-days production and the record-breaking amount of three-pointers he attempts each game. 

The Inspiring Story of Trae Young

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Some have called Young a Steph Curry clone. The arch on his 30-foot jumpers and his Van Exel handle has him leading the country in scoring at 29.5 points per game as a freshman. 

Youngs style also reflects the way the NBA game has transformed over the years and how Mike D’Antoni-style, wide open offenses that encourage treys in abundance have now become a normal and metrically-accepted aspect of hoops. 

Curry made it legit when he took home two NBA titles in three years and two MVPs. 

Stephen Curry – Deep Threes (Compilation)

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Young is the first, celebrated disciple of the Curry effect on the NBA. Hes the Kobe to Currys Jordan. He studied the blueprint, copied it and incorporated the most potent aspects of Curry’s style into his first college season. 

Trae Young Mix Rockstar

Song is Rockstar by Post Malone

“I would record every game,” Young recently told the Wall Street Journal. “I’d watch before I went to bed or the next day. I watched how he played, how the Warriors moved without the ball and how Steph got everyone involved and still created for himself. I loved watching Steph’s game.”

You can check out Trigga Trae tonight on ESPN at 7pm ET when his 23rd-ranked Sooners matchup against No. 7 Texas Tech. Its national television so hes going to be pulling up from the scorers table. 

Before Curry started shooting threes at a 10-per-game clip, no player had attempted more per game than the 8.7 Baron Davis attempted in the 2003-04 campaign. Davis low percentage (32.1) actually worked against the idea that taking threes were better than twos and the NBAs three-point attempts per game dropped between 2005 and 2010, to 6 attempts per game. 

Then Curry and the Warriors style of play hit the scene.

Stephen Curry Top 10 Plays – 2010-2011 season

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In 2010-11, Curry’s teammate Dorell Wright topped all NBA players by averaging 6.3 attempts per game. He was considered a guy who was really jacking em’ up back then, but those numbers would rank Wright outside the league’s top 25 today.

This season, Currys 10.0 3-point attempts per game rank second in the league behind James Harden, who is attempting a record 11.0 per game. According to ESPN, Each of the past two seasons, both Harden and teammate Eric Gordon have attempted more 3s per game than any player in league history before Curry.

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Young’s 10.5 3-point attempts per game in college would put him third in NBA history behind Curry and Harden, so expect him to hoist them up heavy once hes drafted and settled in with a lucky squad. 

The NBA is changing and we can expect more, long range, rim-raiding ballers with an assassins touch raiding the league and influencing the culture of the game and the way scouts analyze talent and teams draft on both sides of the ball.  

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