Tracee Ellis Ross, Kenya Barris and Larry Wilmore Talk the Science of Sitcoms (Video)

Many of you watched Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson wow the audience of the 2015 BET Awards with their comic timing and wit, but you may have missed Ross’ appearance with Black-ish creater Kenya Barris at the American Black Film Festival a couple weeks ago. If you didn’t catch it, she was in signature form.

The Shadow League was in attendance at the American Black Film Festival for an intimate discussion with “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris and the lovely Ms. Ellis Ross, moderated by the Nightly Shows Larry Wilmore.

Tracee Ellis Ross would be Americas number one sweetheart if it werent for rampant xenophobia and racism. Well, at least thats how we see it from our admittedly myopic point of view.  Indeed, ever since she first graced the Urban-themed screen of UPN for the Kelsey Grammars “Girlfriends,” Ellis Ross has maintained a special placement in the platoon of Black leading ladies who periodically work on television or film from time to time.

Despite all the obvious cool points that come with being the daughter of American entertainment royalty (Diana aint called Ms. Ross the Boss for nothing), Tracee Ellis Ross has catapulted herself into prominence in the fields of modeling, acting, television hosting and, yes, comedy. In fact, though formidable in each of those disciplines, it is her wit, sometimes self-aggrandizing humor, charm and comic timing that has the news world clamoring to interview the “Black-ish”  star on all topics big and small. 

The subject matter ran the gamut from creative freedoms to the new “Good Times” film in the works and the difficulty of . Take a peek at what was an entertaining and enlightening conversation with some of the smartest and funniest people on television.

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