Topps launches “Pride and Perseverance” MLB set 

Today Topps released the “Pride & Perseverance” set to celebrate past and present Major Leaguers who have overcome challenges to become successes on the baseball diamond. 

The 2015 Baseball Update Series Insert includes Jim Abbott, William Hoy and Anthony Rizzo among other Major League Baseball players who inspire fans of all ages, facing challenging odds on their climb through the professional ranks. Some players endure additional obstacles and their successes reflect the determination and resolve of the human spirit.

In that spirit, Topps, the official baseball card of Major League Baseball, is launching Pride & Perseverance, a special insert set in 2015 Topps Baseball Update Series that celebrates Major League players from the past and present, who have triumphed in spite of disabilities that have come their way. The set, released today, celebrates the 70th anniversary of National Disability Employment Awareness Month and honors 25 years of the Americans with Disabilities legislation.

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As a game for all, Baseball is proud to be the sport of Jim Abbott, Curtis Pride and many world-class athletes who have overcome obstacles en route to success in the Major Leagues, said Wendy Lewis, MLB Senior Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Strategic Alliances. This special set from Topps is a terrific way not only to honor all individuals who have faced challenges and reached the highest level of their chosen sport, but also to inspire anyone who dreams of one day being a part of the National Pastime. We commend Topps, a longtime valued partner, for this extraordinary tribute to players who have made an enduring impact on our game.

In 2014, the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) proposed a special card series, featuring players with disabilities, within Topps 2015 set. Throughout Baseball history, these players have enhanced the game with their skill and encourages all with their pride and perseverance.

“People with disabilities are often looked at for what they cant do instead of being appreciated for what they can do. We hope these cards will help people take a closer look at the potential of people with disabilities, said, Mark ONeal, PBATS President and Chicago Cubs Director of Medical Administration. Imagine if a child or the parent of a child with a disability, by simply opening a pack of baseball cards, discovers that one of their heroes was legally blind or deaf or has battled cancer? They would truly feel empowered and encouraged.

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The creation of this set is very important to Topps, said David Leiner, VP & General Manager of North American Sports and Entertainment for Topps. These men overcame great odds to make it to the Majors and did it with what many people would label a disadvantage. They are an inspiration to all who face challenges in their lives and we are honored to showcase them in our product.

2015 Topps Baseball Update Series can be found in local hobby shops and national mass retailers such as Walmart and Target starting today,October 21st.

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