Top 5 WRs: No. 3 – Larry Fitzgerald

Here at the Shadow League, we’ve been contemplating starting a petition to get Larry Fitzgerald out of that Arizona Cardinals bondage.

Let’s just take the Cardinals quarterback platoon for these past three seasons and turn its players into one entity that we’ll call Cardinal Quarterback. Here’s his numbers:

2010 – 10 TDs, 19 INTs

2011 – 21 TDs, 23 INTs

2012 – 11 TDs, 21 INTs

We won’t waste time trying to determine if that makes Cardinal Quarterback the worst QB in the league; we just know that’s abysmal. After three seasons (2007-2009) with rejuvenated Hall of Famer Kurt Warner – during which they chumped every secondary that thought they wanted raucous – Fitzgerald’s production has dipped during this era of “can someone please play competent quarterback?”

Back in August of 2011, our man Fitz signed a six-year contract extension that was worth up to $120 million – 50 Ms guaranteed. He had his chance to be bold, but he stayed on to ride with the club that drafted him.

“It is an honor,” he said, at the time. “I am so fortunate. Not many players have that opportunity but [team president] Michael [Bidwill] has allowed me that opportunity and I just want to repay him with great effort and winning. That is what is important.”

He was duped, though. Kevin Kolb (and the Philadelphia Eagles) had bamboozled a lot of folks into thinking he was a franchise QB that year, so a month before Arizona signed Fitz to that extension, they traded for Kolb. Fitz, understandably, probably thought he had a gamer behind center. Here are some other warranted, likely thoughts: I’m fast. I’m big. I’m strong. I have exceptional hands. I’m smart. I run precision routes. My instincts are phenomenal. I’m a robo-receiver. It’s not that difficult to get me the ball. Nah, bruh.

Man…remember this guy?

We miss that dude.

We are all being deprived of one of the greatest receiving talent’s primes while his organization fumbles over the most important position in sports. They cut Kolb this spring and signed…Carson Palmer. FYI, here at the TSL office, we call dude "Pick-Six Palmer."

Can’t Fitz just demand a trade like the NBA cats? No, seriously.

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