Tony Romo, True To Form, Fumbles With His Two Cents On Colin Kaepernick

Since this is a new week, that means one of two things. It’s either time for the Knicks to find a new way to mess with your emotions or it’s time for another weak perspective on the ongoing Colin Kaepernick saga. Unfortunately for all, both ring true, but in this case we’ll stick with the latter.

A week after Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana chimed in with a weak excuse as to why Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed, we now learn that another QB, this time former Dallas Cowboys QB and new CBS NFL analyst, Tony Romo, has thrown his two cents into the ring to offer his opinion on the blackballing of Kaep. And guess what? His rationale is worth just that.

Colin Kaepernick Blackball Quotes

Speaking with the Dallas News, Romo offered a safe and generic explanation as to why Kaepernick remains unemployed. And staying true to form, Romo fumbled badly.

“I think the NFL has two real approaches, most organizations that I found they try and go by. One, they want to collect as much talent as possible. Two, they want to make it about the team, the team, the team.

And so with Colin Kaepernick, I firmly believe if they viewed him as their starting quarterback on day one he would be on a team right now, I believe he would be.

But I think that — I believe he’s good enough, no question, to be a backup in the National Football League. But when you’re the back-up, part of that is playing a role on that team. So I think organizations sometimes view that as being part of the team. So when you step out and do something, that can be almost talked about a lot and it’s not about football, sometimes that can go either way.

Now, that’s not for anyone to evaluate from an organization, but before they choose you to come in, they’re going to think of those things. And I just feel like right now they’re not viewing him as a starting quarterback.

Believe me, he’d be in if a team thought he would allow them to have a chance to win a championship.”

Romo continued with a point of view that can simply be described as ridiculous.

Saying that, should he be on a team? I think there’s no question that he’s talented enough to be in the National Football League. And I think he will be. I just think it takes time. And there might be an injury or there might be things that take shape that just soften some of the feelings toward it in the sense of the team aspect.

Right now there’s 90 guys on each team. And they’re trying to just weed that down. And they’re not thinking about adding, necessarily, unless it’s really going to make your football team better overnight.

When someone views him as improving their football team overnight, they’ll bring him in.”

It takes time? Fumble!

Didn’t take much time for Pete Carroll to decide to pass on Kaepernick and sign a backup QB who wasn’t even in the league in 2016.

So while other quarterbacks have been signed, some with career stats lagging significantly behind Kaepernick’s, Colin continues to sit by on the sidelines, waiting for a call while the haters, doubters and those not fully awake continue to offer more and more explanations (excuses) as to why he’s unemployed.

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