Tom Coughlin’s Critics Think He’s Too Old To Coach

It hasn't been an easy year for Tom Coughlin. Last weekend, the New York Giants finally earned their first victory of the 2013 season. Any other team would be pining for that top-10 pick at this point in the season, but the Giants are a unique bunch. At least twice in the Coughlin-era, the Giants have begun the season 6-2 only to miss the playoffs. This season they are 2-6 and ready to make a run. Whenever they're backs are up against the wall, they turn rabid. In a puny NFC East, the Giants are actually still alive and kicking in the division race. I call Coughlin the Tebow of the coaching community because of his ability to muster a hidden resolve from his team's reserves when they're down and out. Look at his two Super Bowl seasons for proof.

His critics call him something else. Too old. Coughlin has an answer for that.

Via New York Post:

“You know, if you pin me down on it and I really knew that [questions about his age] was taking place, I probably would say, ‘Come on out here and get with me at five in the morning and see who works harder in the morning, see who’s able to go,’ ” Coughlin said Monday on WFAN. “‘I’ll challenge you’ kind of a thing.

“People can say what they want to say. You’re in this because you love it. You’ve got a bunch of guys together with you that want to fight and want to battle. Has the game passed us by? I don’t think so.”

The second-youngest coach in the league is 62-year-old Pete Carroll. However, Coughlin thrives on the negativity of outsiders and that extends to his locker room. Don't be surprised if they're quaking in their boots come December.