Tom Brady Had The Scoop On Matt Cassel’s Vikings Start 

The Vikings have a depressing quarterback situation and it's been that way for a while now. That's why the two years with Brett Favre behind center made so much sense for the squad. Not only was it a Hall of Famer holding it down, but the alternatives were just too sad to even consider. 

Christian Ponder has been the guy the last couple of years, but he's out with a rib injury, which means Matt Cassel is the next man up. We didn't actually know the Vikings would go with the former Patriot and Chiefs QB until Friday, but Tom Brady's been in the loop at least since Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Cassel's Vikings teammates are talking him up. How can they not at this point? The last thing they need is a mediocre-to-below average quarterback taking over knowing full well no one has confidence in him. 

Greg Jennings spoke about Cassel's command in the huddle and being more vocal than Ponder. 

“If anything that’s the difference,” Jennings told Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press. “That comes with him having much more experience. He’s been in position where he’s had to be a starter for years now. He knows what’s going on. He’s commanding. So is Christian. But as far as throwing the ball it is what it is. Matt’s a very smart guy.”

But seriously, this is still the saddest team in the league, right?