Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Wants NDA Nullified, Is Suing Woods For $30 Million For Kicking Her Out Of His Palatial Estate

Golf legend Tiger Woods and Erica Herman split last fall, and it seems as though Herman is not pleased with how things went down. According to multiple reports, she wants the NDA Woods had her sign nullified in court under the federal Speak Out Act, and she’s suing him for $30 million for kicking her out of his home and violating an “oral tenancy agreement.”

It is not surprising given the multiple infidelities that broke up Woods’ marriage to Elin Nordegren, that he would have girlfriend’s sign an NDA. He is of dubious character, and given the public embarrassments he’s suffered over the past couple decades he’d probably like to keep that at a minimum.

Plus he would not want Herman to profit off of some tell-all book or series of interviews about their time together.

Can Erica Herman Break The NDA?

But the Federal Speak Out Act prohibits the judicial enforceability of a nondisclosure clause or nondisparagement clause agreed to before a dispute arises involving sexual assault or sexual harassment in violation of federal, tribal, or state law.

In the court documents Herman filed she argues the NDA should be declared unenforceable under the federal Speak Out Act, but she does not accuse Woods specifically of any acts of sexual assault or harassment.

Did Woods’ Team Trick Herman To Get Her Out Of The Home?

It has also been revealed that Woods’ team told Herman to pack a suitcase for a vacation and when the dropped her off at the airport they told her she was being locked out of Woods’ home in Hobe Sound, Florida, where they lived together for six years.

In the court documents Herman filed in the $30 million lawsuit she alleges that she performed “valuable services” for Woods in exchange for living rent-free.

Herman says there was an “oral tenancy” agreement that was supposed to last five years after their breakup.

Herman also alleges that Woods’ legal team met her at the airport with a written proposal that resolved any of the issues between her and the golfer. She also alleges that Woods’ team confiscated $40K from her that she kept in the house, citing shady practices to acquire the money.

The lawsuit was filed against Woods’ trust which is the title holder on the property. The $30 million figure is “reasonable rental value” of the home for five years, according to Herman.

This is a wild story.

But Woods made this bed, and he has to sleep in it.

This appears to be the case of someone Woods is trying to get away from without incident. But given Herman’s lawsuits, she doesn’t seem like someone who will go away quietly.

When Will Tiger Woods Play Again?

As far as on the course, Woods played at last month’s Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club. He finished tied for 45th at 1 under par.

The important thing was he made the cut and seemed to be walking well despite the fused back and the steel rod in his leg, etc.

Woods will not play at The Players Championship, which begins today, March 9. But all signs point to the 15-time major championship winner playing at the 87th Masters at Augusta National next month.

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