Tiger, Phil Are “Open” To Big Money High Stakes 1 On 1 Golf Match

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson want to do something that’s never been done in the golf world. 

The golf legends spoke about the possibility of playing a winner take all 1 on 1 match. The high stakes pot would be for reportedly to the tune of 10 million. 

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger and Phil are planning a match-play showdown for a staggering amount of money. (Story by @AlanShipnuck) https://t.co/odiTaBMhYV

Golf’s a not a team sport, and very personality driven, so locking in two of the most recognizable faces of the sport in a tweaked format, could draw the casual fan back to the green. 

And though Tiger’s seen better days on the links, his brand is still brolicand profitable. Besides, who wouldn’ t want to see Earl Woods’ son take it to one of his “rivals” one more time? 

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