Tichina Arnold, Jordan Calloway Star In Tech Horror Film ‘COUNTDOWN’

If you had the opportunity to find out exactly when you’d die, would you take it?

COUNTDOWN stars Elizabeth Lail as Quinn Harris, a young nurse who downloads an app that claims to predict exactly when someone is going to die. Quinn subsequently downloads the app only to be told she has three days to live. With the clock ticking and a ghostly figure haunting her, she must find a way to save her life before time runs out.

The Shadow League caught up with actor Jordan Calloway who stars in the movie as Matt Monroe, another victim of the deadly app. Matt joins Quinn on her journey to stop the clock before it’s too late.

Calloway told TSL that this is his first feature film and shared some of his experience working with the cast and crew on this project.

“To get to work with Elizabeth Lail, she starred in Netflix’s You, that was a huge opportunity. Also, PJ Byrne, when I found out he booked it, I mean, I was beside myself because we both worked together on BlackLightning, he’s a great guy. And also, it was awesome to get to work with the studio that we worked with. They’re up and coming and they’ve done a number of really good projects. They have Hustlers, then they also have a film called Twenty-One Bridges coming out with [Chadwick]. And so, it’s just looking at opportunities to play and to get to work with different people.”

COUNTDOWN, however, is more than just your annual horror film. While the idea of knowing your expiration date might seem enticing —  especially in today’s climate where the answers are a click away —  this movie is scary as much as it’s relatable, touching on some serious subjects including coming to terms with grief. It also speaks to the tone of modern-day society.

You can catch Calloway on CW’s superhero series BackLighting and on his social media platforms.

The film also stars Tichina Arnold, P.J Byrne, and Peter Facinelli and was written and directed by Justin Dec. Be sure to check out the trailer below.

COUNTDOWN premiers in theaters Friday, October 25.

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