Three Black Teens Falsely Accused Of Theft At Missouri Nordstrom

Three Black teens, Mekhi Lee, Dirone Taylor and Eric Rogers II were trying to shop for their prom at a Nordstrom Rack store in Brentwood, Mo when they said they were being followed by store employees.

They told KMOV, when they left the store, the local police was waiting for them in the parking lot. The police said the store accused them of theft, but were eventually cleared of the allegations.

KMOV on Twitter

Nordstrom Rack president apologizes to 3 black men wrongly accused of theft

The teens said they even went out of their way to buy something at the store as they were being pestered. “We made the purchase to show them that we’re equal and we didn’t have to steal anything,” Rogers said.

Another shameful incident of Black customers being accused of criminality just for being Black.

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